Glenncast, Inc. was started in 1984 by Jack Glenn, Jr., and a group of people who had worked together at another foundry for many years. It has grown to a total employment of 30-35 people and is housed in a 30,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Acworth, Georgia (30 miles North of Atlanta on I-75).

Glenncast, Inc. is a manufacturer of large aluminum sand castings; small, high quality weldments; and batch powder coating.

The foundry produces high quality sand castings, with weights up to 3000 lbs. each. Molding equipment includes 1 Hunter 10E; 1 Hunter 20E; 1 Hunter 32E with turntable; 2 Roto Lifts; and 1 large floor bay with 2 overhead cranes. There are in-house Heat Treat and X-Ray capabilities. The castings are used by manufacturers of large antennas, high voltage electrical switch gear and food packaging equipment. There is also a complete line of cast aluminum mailboxes and posts, street and traffic sign posts, for various housing developments.

The fabricating department cuts, bends and welds stainless steel, aluminum, chrome moly, and mild steel. These products are used on corona rings, race cars, show cars, custom gates, fences, and other products.

The powder coating department has a 13′ X 25′ spray booth and an 8′ X 6′ X 16′ curing oven. Typical products include race car and motorcycle chassis, playground equipment, mailboxes and posts, street and traffic sign posts, custom gates and fences.